• May 11, 2017


    Enfuse UNltd

    'Bridging the gap' between SMEs and large corporate organisations

    Enfuse as a start-up company, needed a logo and brand style starting from scratch. 

    Here the logo’s font style is such a way that it appears that each section connects to the other, making a whole. This is representational to the business itself, as Enfuse’s services connect with other organisations to help improve them.

    A tagline was also developed to reflect the company ethos and also to emphasis the use of ‘UNltd’ in the business name.

    The new brand has been developed in to marketing materials and a website.

    Click here to visit the live site: enfuseun.ltd

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  • May 9, 2017

    Liverpool John Moores University – ACTivator

    Liverpool John Moores University - ACTivator

    Brand development, icons and brochure

    The Research and Innovation Services at Liverpool John Moores University approached us to create a new identity for their research development programmes. 

    This included a new logo, set of icons to illustrate the programme sectors and a workbook/brochure.

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  • May 3, 2017



    Brand identity

    WiSTEM required a new logo, for their Merseyside programme.

    This programme is aimed at school children with the intention to encourage women to be involved in the sciences.

    The logo was developed to be contemporary and friendly whilst referencing an element of each of the sciences.

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